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Indulge in Love and Health this February with Rebel Food Company

February is the month of love and what better way to celebrate than by treating yourself or a special someone to delicious, guilt-free goodies? At Rebel Food Company, we believe that Valentine's Day is not just about expressing love through words but also through thoughtful gestures, like sharing wholesome treats that embody the spirit of health and indulgence. Our range of vegan and gluten-free delights, sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup, make for the perfect gifts that say "I care about your well-being and happiness."

Red Velvet Cookies - A Valentine's Day Delight:

This February, express your affection with our exquisite Red Velvet Cookies. Made with love and without any compromise on taste, these soft and chewy cookies are sweetened with coconut sugar and apple sauce, ensuring a delightful guilt-free experience.

Oat Bars - A Nutrient-Packed Snack:

Looking for a gift that combines great taste with nutrition? Our Oat Bars are the perfect choice! Loaded with protein and fibre, these bars not only satisfy your sweet cravings but also provide sustained energy throughout the day. Share the love and health with yourself or a special someone by gifting these delicious, guilt-free treats.

Sweet Potato Blondies and Brownies - A Sweet Twist on Tradition:

For those who appreciate a twist on classic desserts, our Sweet Potato Blondies and Brownies are a match made in heaven. These delectable delights not only boast the rich, indulgent flavour of traditional desserts but also pack a punch of protein and fibre. Show your love by treating your special someone to these heavenly, guilt-free sweet treats.

Seed Nut Super Food Bars - A Nutrient Powerhouse:

Give the gift of vitality with our Seed Nut Super Food Bars. Packed with a variety of seeds, nuts, protein, and fibre, these bars are a nutrient powerhouse that you or your loved one will adore. The perfect combination of health and taste, these bars are a thoughtful way to express your care and appreciation.

This Valentine's Day, make a sweet and healthy statement by choosing Rebel Food Company's vegan and gluten-free goodies as the perfect gifts. Don't forget to gift yourself! Our commitment to creating delicious treats with natural sweeteners, protein, and fibre ensures that you can indulge in the joy of gifting without compromising on health. Share the love, share the goodness, and make this February a month to remember with Rebel Food Company!

Photograph by Pawel Czerwinski


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